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Biography Fiore Faddegon

"Fiore" Sophia Wilhelmina Faddegon (March 16, 1920) grew up as the youngest of four children. She died May 16, 1999.

Her work included linen, canvas, paper, and wood paintings in oil and acrylic; aquarelle drawings; gouaches; reliefs of wood (from tree bark); clay and stone (from a Swiss creek); drawings in pastel, pencil, and pen, and drawings using a mixture of techniques. She chose a wide range of subject matter, including the human being and its origin, motherhood, love, music, fashion, flowers, environmental pollution, and Greek mythology. Her oeuvre clearly demonstrates the various stages of artistic development and change experienced throughout her long art career.

Even with her many commissions, which included a large number of portrait paintings for family and friends—especially during the early middle stages of her career—no significantly large amounts of her work existed outside her Lopik studio. Faddegon was more or less reluctant to part with her creations, but with her husband’s support she, nevertheless, chose to bring her art to the attention of the public, by holding several exhibitions. Still, her work can be found outside Holland, namely in Belgium, France, Switzerland, England, and the United States.

In the last years of her life, Faddegon suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, which affected the nature and style of her art work. It is worth noting that her work at this time showed great resemblance to that of Dutch artist Willem de Kooning, who also suffered from Alzheimer’s later in his life.

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