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The Smith Faddegon Foundation

The Smith Faddegon Foundation was established in 1996 to unify, restore, preserve, and exhibit the artistic oeuvre of the multimedia artist "Fiore" Sophia Wilhelmina Faddegon (1920-1999), an oeuvre that includes more than 750 works of art.

The Foundation, through lawful succession, will eventually inherit and become the sole heir of everything, now owned by Faddegon’s husband, Rudolf Smith, including Faddegon’s work The nonprofit Foundation is reported as classified under section 24, paragraph 4, of The Netherlands inheritance law (1956). Donations to the Foundation must meet certain criteria to be 100% tax deductible. To date, the Foundation has not been self-supporting and thus has relied on the generous funding of private individuals.

The municipality of Lopik participates in the trusteeship of the Foundation and currently functions as the main depository of approximately ninety percent of Faddegon’s art work.

Visitors of the website can view an online exhibits of Faddegon’s art work and visitors can get information about the Foundation’s aim and purpose, read Faddegon’s biography, and see samples of Faddegon’s art work.

The Foundation’s board of directors is composed of Rudolf Smith (President), Lopik's former mayor Martin Schakel (Executive Secretary), and William Elvers (Treasurer/Controller). Future members-elect include Schakel’s mayoral successor, and Danny Smith (nephew of the President) or descendents and Hans Faddegon (nephew of the artist) or descendents.

Remuneration policy: the board members receive no remuneration for the work, except for expenses.

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